memory helps to live byI’m one of those guys lucky enough to have had great family genes. My grandmother lived to be 102 (just two weeks shy of her 103rd birthday). She had a memory that wouldn’t give up!

My mom continues to live into her mid 80’s with a brilliant and fully functional mind, reminding me of things done last week, last month, or even decades ago. In truth, I don’t have to remember most things, because she’s so good at it.

But, there is coming a day when mom won’t be available for the quick recall needs. If I don’t step up my memory discipline, it’s not going to be good for me.

My grandmother never got out of 11th grade, but would have been a recognized scholar had she advanced academically. The 1920’s weren’t the best of times for academic careers, especially for females. She taught me that intellect and memory had little to do with scholastic grades and much more to do with actually thinking.

I’ve dedicated this blog to her and to the many who need to be challenged to think, remember, and recall life, even in the smallest of occasions.

Please take this information from a “student” of memory, one without one ounce of medical training or advice…more like my grandmother on that one.

If it helps, and I hope it does, then I and my grandmother will be pleased.

Happy memories, from yesterday, today, and those soon to be made….let’s keep them all.